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English Name : Milkfish
Local Name : Bangus
Scientific Name : Chanos chanos
Marketable Sizes :

80-100 g for bait or as sardine substitute for canning.
180 to 200 g for "baby bangus"

300 to 500 g for regular market
Typical Fish Behavior (Biology) : Swims in school and against direction of current flow. Spawns in oceanic water but fry swims to shallow estuaries where they feed and grow into juveniles and sub adult. Adult stains sexual maturity in oceanic waters where they spawn.
Where grown : Ponds, pens cages in fresh, brackish and marine waters.
Feeds : Tateh Amino Plus
Tateh Surfer
Tateh Extrusink
Tateh ExtruFloat
Tateh Fry Booster
Tateh Pre Starter Zero
Tateh Pre-Starter
Tateh Fry Supplement
FCR : Pond: 1.5-1.8; cage 2.0-2.3