About Us
Corporate Values

We are proud to have a team of highly qualified and motivated individuals who are dedicated to one word – QUALITY. Each team member is fully aware that "QUALITY STARTS WITH ME." The company encourages a culture of HONESTY, EFFICIENCY, APTITUDE, RESULT ORIENTATION AND TEAMWORK. Thus each year, outstanding performers are recognized with the HEART award for their excellence and passion in their work.


We value the importance of the people we work with – our employees, business partners, and customers. We closely coordinate with government and institutions tasked to promote the development of a sustainable aquaculture industry.


The company provides continuous training to its technical representatives who in return give technical assistance to fish farmers in every part of the country, training them in new methods and practices in aquaculture and helping them every step of the way. We also give educational grants in Fisheries at various state universities and colleges like the University of the Philippines, Mindanao State University and the Central Luzon State University to produce a new breed of experts and help raise the standards of the Philippine Aquaculture Industry.


Moreover, SANTEH also supports numerous training programs, seminars, dialogues, research and publication of technical papers and bulletins in various platforms to help disseminate information about the latest technological advancements in the aquaculture.