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English Name : Mud Crab
Local Name : Alimango
Scientific Name : Scylla serrata, S. olivacea
Marketable Sizes : 200 to 500 g
Typical Fish Behavior (Biology) :
  • Nocturnal, appetite to feed is high at night or dark periods of the day.
  • Omnivore-detritivore, feeds on any edible protein sources (plant & animal-based). Growth is better using formulated feeds.
  • Bottom dwellers, burrows on the bottom of pond or mangrove most of the time.
  • Grows every after molt, which occurs every 15-20 days. Males grow faster than females, but berried (egg bearing) females fetch higher market price.
Where grown : Brackishwater ponds or fattening cages
Feeds : Tateh Crab Feeds
FCR : 1.5 to 2.0