About Us
Corporate Social Responsibility

Driven by its desire to make a greater impact to the Philippines not only to the aquaculture industry but also to society as a whole, Santeh Feeds Corporation has embarked on a new journey towards excellence. This time, it aims to give back to the community.


In the past fifteen years, Santeh has been continuously providing scholarships to poor but deserving Agriculture and Fisheries students all over the country. This program is the company's response to battle the declining enrollees in the Agri-Fisheries industry. There are currently more than 50 scholars in different schools nationwide including Cagayan State University, Central Luzon State University, Aklan State University, University of the Philippines Visayas, Mindanao State University in Naawan, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao State University in General Santos, Central Mindanao University and Davao del Norte State College. More so, the scholars are not obliged to work with Santeh Feeds Corporation although they may if they desire to do so.


Aside from that, Santeh is also sponsoring different workshops and conferences about fisheries and agriculture. It also spearheaded contests that enable fisher folks to have increased production.


In 2010, Santeh Aquaculture Science and Technology Foundation was born. The foundation's main goal is to promote the interests of the aquaculture and its allied industries as well as to introduce more cost effective means for fish and animal production.


In 2012, the foundation launched its newest flagship project, Enterprise Hatchery. This is a nationwide competition that intends to help passionate young entrepreneurs in achieving their aspirations. Participants are asked to create original business plans or ideas for niche development.


Another rationale behind its conceptualization is to encourage graduates and other aspirants to look into entrepreneurship rather than focus on employment. By doing so, the foundation hopes to generate additional employment.


Every year as many as ten participants will get the chance to come to Manila all expenses paid to pitch their respective business idea before a select group of potential investors and receive a start-up capital in the form of an investment of up to half a million pesos if selected. A series of boot camps are also held to prepare and refine the participants' proposals.