Our Products
For Milkfish & Tilapia
  • Extruded sinking pellet (98% min.)
  • Balanced protein and energy levels
  • Promotes optimum growth
  • Lower Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
  • Produce thick and good quality fish
  • Environment friendly feed
Available in 20kg pkg. (Crumble & Starter) and 25kg pkg. (Grower & Finisher)
For Milkfish & Tilapia
  • Extruded floating pellet (80% min.)
  • Ideal pellet size for energy conservation during feeding
  • Produce thick and good quality fish
  • For Milkfish, thicker fat belly deposit
  • Promotes optimum growth of fish
  • Low FCR
Available in 20kg pkg. (Grower & Finisher)