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Years of experience in aquaculture research and development have advanced our knowledge in fish and crustacean breeding, growth and nutrition. This extensive database has improved our capability to continuously improve our feeds' formulation to serve each sector of the aquaculture industry. This knowledge is also used in designing a production process that produces the optimal pellet form for each type of culture method.


Today, we manufacture the best nutritional aquaculture feeds not only for traditional fish species like Tilapia, Milkfish (Bangus) and Shrimp. We have also pioneered the production of Marine Fish Feeds (Grouper, Pampano, Seabass and Snapper), Crustacean Feeds (Crab and Freshwater Shrimp) and Fresh Water Fish Feeds (Koi, Carp and Catfish). Each of our products is formulated with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals and is designed for the different developmental stages of fish growth from fries to juvenile to adult.


We are the first to introduce high-protein and high-energy feeds with balanced amino acids that conform to and exceed standards set by the Bureau of Animal Industry. Our feeds ensure fishes' maximum growth, better body maintenance, and resistance to pathogenic diseases and environmental stress.


Our early stage formulation for hatcheries and nurseries is also acclaimed as the best in the market. Our line of breeder feeds and fry boosters ensure the farmers of healthy seeds and improved survival.



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