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Super Premium
Amino Plus
For Milkfish & Tilapia
  • Extruded sinking pellets (98% min)
  • Made of highly digestible ingredients for faster assimilation
  • Balanced protein and energy levels
  • Fortified with essential amino acids
  • Low Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR); faster harvest
  • Produces heavier fish with thick dorsals
  • Tastier and juicier meat quality
Available in 20kg pkg (Grower & Finisher)
For Milkfish, Tilapia & Catfish
  • Extruded floating pellet (90% min.)
  • Made of highly digestible ingredients with the precise levels of essential nutrients for faster growth
  • Designed for shallow culture system
  • Environment friendly feed
Available in 25kg pkg. (Starter, Grower & Finisher)
For Milkfish & Tilapia
  • Extruded slow-sinking feed for cage culture system
  • Has varied sinking rate
  • Promotes a multi-level feeding system, making the feeds available to more number of fishes
  • Promoting better growth and uniformity of fish sizes
  • Made of highly digestible ingredients
Available in 20kg pkg. (Crumble & Starter) and 25kg pkg. (Grower & Finisher)